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About Case Study in Psychoanalysis

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    -> A Case with a Legacy (a very simple case study)
    Billy's Dream (example of using dream interpretation in the psychoanalytic cure)

Psychoanalytical casuistry is perhaps the most exciting. This is because when reading a case analysis we see haw and why such things happen, and are usually inclined to apply the our methods of approaching the mind disorders upon ourselves.

The casuistry published on this site, nevertheless, is no easy job. For lay persons (beginners or others without any prior experience with the psychoanalytic practice) much of our work may seem rather confusing or uncertain. That is why case publishing requires a lot of skill from the author, the more so as the unconditional discretion rule regarding the personal life of those subjects of such cases must also be met.

In addition, the specific conditions for site publication impose a limitation of editing space so that no comprehensive account of the patient personal history will therefore be available.

Everything is limited to a few hints the author of the article (and of the analysis too) provides hoping to render the background of the case as complete as possible.

The cases already published here are listed above (please click the corresponding links to access their pages). More cases will be available soon so please register with our newsletter to be sure you will not miss them.

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