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Slips and Mistakes

Therapeutic Techniques



Presence of Couch in Psychoanalysis [$5]
The use of couch in psychoanalysis, which cannot be separated from the lied down position and from placing the analyst behind his client, even if it's an important technical  indication, is often detrimental to the therapeutical relationship.
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Importance of Empathy During the First Session of the Cure [$5]
The first session of the cure, that is, the first meeting with the client and the impression he/she leaves with the analyst, and mainly the analyst's intuition have many things to say concerning the course of  the treatment.
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Therapeutic Techniques [$5]
"Psychoanalysis represents first of all a therapeutic method. But it's different from all those included into the category of psychotherapy through two essential aspects:
1. The discovery of the  (psychic) unconscious (id), which represents, together with the ego and superego, one of the agencies of the psychic apparatus. This discovery could be considered epochal because it overthrows the place and role of the ego, of the conscious sphere in the study and cure of the soul..."
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Symbols and Symbolism at Freud and Jung [$10]
This paper treats of the specific method of approaching the symbols at Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
PDF - 6 pages 38 Kb
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Freud and Mythology [$5]
This paper offers a collection of abstracts with short commentaries from the Freud-Jung correspondence treating of the psychoanalytic approach of mythology. It is a historical return to the beginnings of the psychoanalytic theory.
PDF - 10 pages 24 Kb
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Freud vs Adler [$5]
Treats of Freud's criticism towards Adler's approach of psychoanalysis.
PDF - 7 pages 17 Kb
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