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- Freudian Slips -

new! A Simple Slip with Astrology [$5]
Freudian analysis of a simple slip. A must read for beginners showing how to work with slips.

PDF - 4 pages 17 Kb.
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Freud about Slips and Mistakes [$5]
A collection of quotes from Freud's works concerning the analysis of slips and mistakes addressed to beginners.

PDF - 3 pages 13 Kb
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Sexual Drives in a Slip of Reading [$5]
The analysis of a slip - a reading error - brings to light the inhibition of sexual instincts under certain circumstances of life.
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- Techniques -

new The Transference [$5]
Jung and Freud about transference. Further connections with other psychoanalytic topics (quotes from Freud). Issues related to the analysis of the transference.

PDF - 3 pages 13 KB
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The Secondary Benefit of Neurosis [$5]
This paper shares the knowledge related to this basic concept.

PDF - 3 pages 13 Kb
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