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Hans Sachs

Hans SachsHans Sachs (1881-1947) played a discreet role in the history of psychoanalysis. His friendship with Freud, and his great loyalty were the qualities history remembers him by. A cultivated person, he was the first non-medic to join the group. Freud appreciated him and Sachs was an important presence in the Wednesday meetings, where , to Freud's great despair, Adler and Stekel were playing havoc.

He was invited to join the secret committee envisaging to safeguard psychoanalysis.

Together with Otto Rank, Sachs was the co-editor of the Imago magazine, whose content was focused on applied psychoanalysis and enjoyed its glory at the time.

His failing health forced Sachs to spend long time in a sanatorium. On Freud's suggestion, he settled in Berlin as a didactic professional, and joins one of the most dynamic groups of the time.

When Nazism started its ascension, Sachs immigrated to the United States, where he follows Franz Alexander in the leadership of the Boston group, then in full crisis.

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