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Lou Andreas Salome

Lou Andreas SalomeLou Andreas Salome is a very particular person in the history of psychoanalysis. If her name is still mentioned today it is less because of her contributions to the analytical corpus than because she had developed a friendly relationship with Freud and Anna Freud and because of her past.

Mrs. Salome was in her early fifties when she decided in 1911 to undertake an analytical training.

A character known for his work with the philosopher Nietzsche and the writer Rainer Maria Rilke, Lou Andreas Salome has developed a passion for analysis and sometimes for analysts. It will be at the heart of the story of Tausk, of whom she was once the mistress and who ended in a suicide.

Her correspondence with Freud was published, as well as her personal memories.

Her works, amongst others on narcissism, have above all a historical interest.

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