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Oskar Pfister

Oskar PfisterPastor Oskar Pfister (1873-1956) played a significant role in the development of the psychoanalysis in Switzerland, especially after Jung moved away from the Freudian current and founded his own school.

Whereas the majority of Swiss analysts chose to follow Jung, Pfister chose to defend the work of Freud and lengthily assumed the direction of the Swiss Society of Psychoanalysis.

Son of pastor, Pfister made studies of philosophy and theology before exerting his ministry in a parish of Zurich. Becoming a close friend of Freud a long correspondence was initiated between the two, although, at a first sight, they didn't have too much in common.

If Pfister struggled to use the psychoanalytical knowledge in pedagogy, Freud always considered with a certain amusement his attempts to apply the psychoanalysis to the cure of souls.

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