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Freud and Dreams

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According to Sigmund Freud, dream interpretation is the royal path to the exploration of the unconscious.

This course is about the Freud and psychoanalysis dream interpretation method. In short, we teach you the basics and offer many examples of dreams worked out through this method. 

This course addresses beginners and people interested in handling their dreams the way psychoanalysts do.

The course is made of lessons, here they are:


1. How did Freud Discover the Dream Interpretation Method
Short introduction to the discovery of the century...
2. Children Dreams
Freud started with these dreams because they are obvious examples of wish-fulfillment so one may understand from the very beginning what their aim are.
3. Structure of Dreams
Explains the psychic mechanisms that lead to the dream formation.
4. Dream Analysis
The specific of dream interpretation according to Freud's view.
5. Sexual Dreams
Explains what is the meaning of the dreams with a sexual content.
6. Symbols in Dreams
Most of the dreams' content is made of symbols. Several symbols are explained by Freud himself.
7. Typical Dreams
Such as the falling teeth and flying, as viewed by Freud.
8. Emotions in Dreams
Explains what happens to our emotions in dreams.
9. The Words in Dreams
Explains what is their sources and purpose.
10. Psychoanalysis and Dreams
Dream interpretation is the main psychoanalytic method for the exploration of the unconscious.
11. Dreaming of Falling Teeth
The theme of falling teeth approached through several methods including the Freud's.
12. Analysis of a Dream with a Sexual Content
Example of a dream approached through Freud's method.


A paper on the meaning of the labyrinth in dreams. (PDF)


You may complete the online quiz to test your acquired knowledge upon finishing the course (not mandatory).

Online Help

This course is interactive, that is, you may talk with J Jones through email whenever you need further explanation of the topics approached. Just send him your question and he'll respond in no time.

Schedule and Delivery

This is a 12-lesson course delivered through email. Lessons are sent on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

Cost: $25 ($75 with Workshop*)

Payment through credit card,
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* Workshop version offers support with the interpretation of one of your dreams. This way you can test the method and start your own interpretation work.

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