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Initiation into Psychoanalysis

- A 3-module email course -

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This package is designed for people interested in what is psychoanalysis, what it does and mostly how it does.

The pack is designed for beginners - so there's no need of previous knowledge about psychoanalysis.

It consists in three modules, namely:

-> What is Psychoanalysis

-> Normal and Abnormal in Psychical Life

-> Psychoanalytic Methods for the Exploration of the Unconscious.

(Click the modules links to read the summary.)

  • We deliver this pack as lessons, through email, on a schedule of one lesson every two days.
  • Online assistance (provided by a real person not a bot) is also available, should you need further information on the approached topics.
  • Bonuses and quizzes - please check the included modules.
  • Certificate of attendance upon your request. Learn more...
  • Price: $75 $60 ($15 off)
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