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Freud about Homosexuality

For Freud homosexuality is just a variation of sexual function due to a blockage in the normal development of sexuality. It is therefore not a disease or a vice. However, he admits that homosexuality can not be treated by psychoanalysis and that its treatment depends on the age and the intellectual quality of the patient.

In reality, things are not that simple. It is not an arrest of the normal evolution of sexual function (although this is not excluded). It is, more specifically, a form of constitutional matter (we avoid the term "hereditary" in order not to shift the problem in the sphere of genetic inheritance determined by the characters transmitted by parents) deviated or erroneous in relation to the genre of the individual. What we want to say is that we discovered at man that has been analyzed elements of feminine fantasy that control the unconscious life of the analyzed. It's as if he had a woman inside, a woman who only developed psychologically.

We will not, however, sustain that all homosexuals are constitutionally determined to choose this form of sexual satisfaction. Many, perhaps most homosexuals do not become as such due to heredity or the arrested of the development of sexual function, but rather to the disruption of their social environment, namely, the seduction of an active gay person (let us mention that certain groups and specific activities actively encourage homosexuality, for example the army, jail, ethnical groups isolated and lacking feminine presence etc.). And in our above mentioned case, we have found the presence of this disruption of the social framework that explains why the constitutional variation has gone into effect. (See also the Freudian complemental series.)

Returning to Freud, let's say that despite its openness to the issue of homosexuality, we are not convinced that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlegislating homosexual ties and admitting marriage between the same genres would have been just as openly approached. This remark is especially addressed to those who specifically resort to Freud's ideas to justify the legalization of marriage and child adoption by homosexual couples.

Using Freud's work to impose and justify any deviation of social life is undoubtedly a common practice. Regrettably, of course. All the more so as it is the privilege of the elitist, academic circles!

Paper by J Jones


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