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Papers on Freud and Psychoanalysis

This section provides papers and research papers on various psychoanalytic topics. More papers will be available soon - please, be sure you keep in touch with our news and updates by registering with our Newsletter (see the bar menu on the left).

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Available papers

- Freud's Dream Interpretation Method Today

- Man-machine - the Ideal Solution of the Technological, Globalizing Ideology

- About Dreams with Earthquakes, by Jean Chiriac

- Several Prejudices Regarding Psychoanalysis, by Jean Chiriac

- The Psychoanalyst's Image in Literature and Movies, by Ana Drobot

- Dream Interpretation and Psychoanalytic Dogma, by Jean Chiriac

- Time Travels, Changing the Past and Psychoanalytic Work

- Snake Symbolism and Precognition Dream

- An Autonomous Mechanism for Maintaining the Investment?
by Jean Chiriac

- Freud on Death, by Ana Drobot

- The Process of Creativity, by Ana Drobot

- Sigmund Freud's Self-analysis, by Jean Chiriac

- Actuality of Psychoanalysis, by Jean Chiriac

- Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, by I.D. Hora 

- Sigmund Freud and the Spirit of Psychoanalysis, by Jean Chiriac

- About Therapeutic and Didactic Psychoanalysis by Jean Chiriac

- Back to the Original Therapy, by Jean Chiriac

- The First Steps in Psychoanalysis, by Jean Chiriac

- The Psychoanalytic Insight, by I.D. Hora

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