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Below are several questions and answers regarding our email courses. If you need further information (not listed here) please send your inquiry to We are glad to assist you.


What course best fits my needs?

That depends on your needs. If you wish to learn about dream interpretation methods, including psychoanalytic's, then you should take the Dream Interpretation Methods email course.

If you are interested in what psychoanalysis is and how it works, then you may benefit from taking the What is Psychoanalysis - this course is intended for beginners. The Psychoanalytic Methods explains further the means we use to explore the unconscious mind. Normal and Abnormal in Psychical Life teaches you the psychoanalytic view on what is normal and its alteration.

You may also take our Freud and Dreams, teaching you the Freud's method of dream interpretation.

What if I don't have any prior experience with psychoanalysis?

Don't worry, our courses address beginners.

What kind of courses are yours?

We provided our courses as means to inform you about the basic psychoanalysis matters and promote the psychoanalytic knowledge. These are not grade or university courses. Please keep in mind when you register that we don't offer online psychoanalytic training through our email courses.

What I need to follow your courses?

Just because we send our courses as email lessons, all you need is an email address and client (such as Outlook or others) to receive, open and read the email messages sent by us.

I'd like to start my course right now, is this possible?

Of course, our courses are continuous, so you may start right now.

What about the registration procedure?

In short, you should pay the registration fee. Upon the registration confirmation you'll be given a link that leads to or course page. Click that link and follow the instruction to start receiving lessons.

How much time it takes to start the course?

That depends on the payment method you choose and the payment processing time. Usually you may start in the same day.

I need a sample of the lessons you sent to see it hey fit my need. Can you send me one?

Sure, please click here to request a sample lesson.  

I am not sure I understood the teaching procedure. Could you please explain it to me?

We simply send you the lessons through email directly to your email address. You may open them in your email client or browser as they are written in a compatible html format. You read them and send us the home assignments (if any). Finally you may complete the online quiz (not mandatory). If you wish, you may ask for a certificate of attendance (available only for the paid version of the Dream Interpretation Methods and the three modules of the Initiation into Psychoanalysis).

Do you issue a certificate should I take the course?

We actually issue an online certificate of attendance, only upon the student request, for completion of our 3-module course Initiation into Psychoanalysis.
The certificate has an unique serial number.
There's a fee of $50 for handling.
Also you must comply with our certificate awarded regulations. Click
here to see a sample.

What is the schedule of the email sending?

Usually one lesson every two days.

What if I need more information about the topics taught?

You may send your inquiry to our instructor through email. Usually it takes 1-2 business days to receive back an answer.

I need to print my lessons on plain paper, am I allowed to do this?

Of course, you may print them on paper or save them on CD/DVD.

What if I lost the lessons during a computer crash? My I have them sent again?

Of course, just ask.

Do you offer further materials in support to your teachings?

Yes, we offer many abstracts and papers from the psychoanalytic work in support to our teachings. This is done for free.

What are the payment methods?

Right now you can pay through credit card / PayPal or Fastspring.

Are the online payment secure?

Of course. The proof of the secure payment is the prefix https:// of the order page.

What about refund if I changed my mind and no longer wish to follow the course?

You must ask for a full refund only if we didn't send you any lesson yet. If we already started sending you lessons we can no longer issue a full refund because electronic items - like our email lessons - can't be returned back to the owner. Learn more here .

What if I need a PDF version of the course?

The PDF version may be issued for a small amount of $5 upon your request. This applies only if you took the course you wish us to convert into PDF. Send your request to

What if I wish to share your course with others?

This is not allowed. Our courses are subject to the copyright laws.

What if I need more information about dream interpretation and psychoanalysis?

You may visit our Paperstore section of this site to check our articles and papers on these topics. [Please click here to access this section.] Also you may ask for a post-course online assistance. We may help you further with your dream interpretation work.

I need to know more about your company. Who are you?

More information about AROPA - our company - may be found at


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