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Fan Club or Fun Club?

By J Jones

The question referred to in the title makes sense after analyzing a mistake - a typing error.

What is the difference between fan club and fun club? Simple. "Fun" is something amusing and "fan" is a fanatic in loved with something or someone. But what if I replace "fan club" with "fun club"? What comes out of this? In short, the fanatic club turns into something funny or amusing. At first sight nothing that could draw our attention. And still...

I have recently made this typing error: I have replaced "fan" with "fun". Then I have made the associations requested in such occasions and I have rapidly understood the meaning of this error.

I am the member of a fan club and I am not really enjoying spending time with the other members. I have recently been in an embarrassed situation with 2 or 3 of them and I felt like this number might increase. The conflict continued until I have decided that the smarter one is the first to give up, which is exactly what I've done. The feeling I was dealing with some silly people in this club explains my mistake. It was as if I had told to myself: is this a fan club? It is rather an imitation or a hilarious club!

Thus this words replacement was intended to say out loud what I was thinking about the members of this club. And of course what I think about the other members is not too flattering. This explains the repression and my mistake.

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