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Papers on Freud and Psychoanalysis

This section provides papers on various psychoanalytic topics designed for beginners. More papers will be available soon, so please be sure you keep in touch with our news and updates by registering with our Newsletter (see the bar menu on the left).

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Available papers

- What Freud Said about Homosexuality
Short paper that adds some new ideas related to the Freud's opinion about homosexuality.

- Freud's Dream Interpretation Method Today
This paper treats of the worthiness of Freud's view and method on dream interpretation.

- Man-machine - the Ideal Solution of the Technological, Globalizing Ideology
Depicts a portrait of the man-machine and comments on his features.

- About Dreams with Earthquakes
Deals with this topic and its many features.

- Several Prejudices Regarding Psychoanalysis
Deals with four preconceived ideas regarding psychoanalysis.

- The Psychoanalyst's Image in Literature and Movies

- Dream Interpretation and Psychoanalytic Dogma
Starting from the analysis of a dream provided by Fritz Wittels, one of the first disciples of Freud, the author shows how the psychoanalytic dogma may altered the real meaning of the dream.

- Time Travels, Changing the Past and Psychoanalytic Work
Past changes and their consequences in the psychoanalytic work.

- Snake Symbolism and Precognition Dream
Comments on a dream, its snake symbolism and a fact of precognition.

- An Autonomous Mechanism for Maintaining the Investment?

- Freud on Death
Paper treating of death and its approach according to Freud and psychoanalysis.

- The Process of Creativity
Psychoanalysis gives us certain explanations on how the process of creativity is possible, and also on its benefits for both its author and public.

- Sigmund Freud's Self-analysis
Presents the stages of his analysis and the discovery of the Oedipus complex.

- Actuality of Psychoanalysis
Deals with the issues of psychoanalysis in the consumption society.

- Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Deals about the specific differences between them.

- Sigmund Freud and the Spirit of Psychoanalysis
The emphasis on understanding, on knowledge represents the unmistakable  mark of the spirit of psychoanalysis.

- About Therapeutic and Didactic Psychoanalysis
Explains the specific of didactic psychoanalysis compared with the therapeutic one.

- Back to the Original Psychotherapy
The art of listening to the patient's discourse is essential
 if we mean to understand the logic in the patient's neurosis and thus be able to help.

- The First Steps in Psychoanalysis
About the self-analysis requirement.

- The Psychoanalytic Insight
Explains the specific of psychoanalytic insight.

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