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Normal and Abnormal
in Psychical Life

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Sigmund Freud stated that there is no qualitative difference between normal and abnormal in the psychical life.

This course proves with psychoanalytic material the accuracy of his statement and explains further the mind functioning and structure.

This course is made of lessons, here they are:


1. About Mind Disorders (also called neurosis)
2. A Case of Obsessive-Phobic Mind Disorder
3. Neurosis and Psychosis
4. Normal Person and the Psychotic Delirium
5. Delirium and Dream
6. More on Dreams: Repression and Censorship
7. On Unconscious, the Repressed and Innate Psychic Contents
8. Psychoanalysis is a Depth-Psychology
9. About the Integration of the Spirit (a task for the modern man)
10. The Psychoanalytic Therapy


A paper dealing with repression and displacement in a case of affective conflict (PDF).


You may complete the online quiz and test you acquired knowledge upon finishing the course (not mandatory).

Online Help

This course is interactive, that is, you may talk with J Jones through email whenever you need further explanation of the topics approached. Just send him your question and he'll respond in no time.

Schedule and Delivery

This is a 10-lesson course delivered through email. Lessons are sent on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

Cost: $25

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