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Sigmund Freud
The teachings of psychoanalysis are based on an incalculable number of observations and experiences, and only someone who has repeated those observations on himself and on others is in a position to arrive at a judgment of his own upon it. (Sigmund Freud)
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Psychoanalytic Techniques
for the Exploration of the Unconscious

A 15-lesson email course for beginners


This course deals with the psychoanalytic methods for the exploration of the unconscious. If you already took our What is Psychoanalysis course this is the logic follow up. If you didn't, don't worry as we explain everything further and illustrate the usage of the methods.


1. The Unconscious
2. Resistances
3. Repression
4. The role of repression in symptom-formation
5. Mental apparatus. Drives
6. Methods of investigation of the unconscious: Free association
7. Analysis of slips and mistakes
8. Analysis of symptomatic acts
9. Dream interpretation (1. Children Dreams)
10. Dream interpretation (2. Structure of Dreams)
11. Dream interpretation (3. Analysis)
12. Dream interpretation (4. Sexual Dreams)
13. Interpretation of symbols (a comparison between Freud and Jung approaches)
14. Psychoanalysis and dreams
15. Self-analysis (introduction to the analysis of your own dreams without support)


Should you take this course now, you'll benefit from our 5-page bonus paper dealing with the interpretation of a dream with a sexual content. (PDF - worth $15).


You may complete the online quiz upon finishing the course (not mandatory).

Online Help

This course is interactive, that is, you may talk with J Jones through email whenever you need further explanation regarding the topics approached. Just send him your question and he'll respond in no time.

Schedule and Delivery

This is a 15-lesson course delivered through email. Lessons are sent on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

Cost: $25

Payment through credit card,
PayPal or wire transfer

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Further Support

Upon the completion of your payment, you'll received an email with further instruction on course starting procedure. Please read and follow.

Should you have any problems, please contact us at We suggest you enter our email address in your contact list to be sure you'll receive our answer in your inbox. We respond within one business day.

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Available Courses

-> What is Psychoanalysis - the shortest guide to what is and does psychoanalysis for the beginners.

-> Normal and Abnormal in Psychical Life - the psychoanalytic approach of the psychic normal vs. abnormal is explained in this course.

-> Freud and Dreams - a short 10-lesson course treating of the Freud's method of dream interpretation.

-> Dream Interpretation Methods - learn about the dream interpretation methods from the bush people up to the psychoanalytic era.

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